Sunday, October 01, 2006
Our website
Information about our website:

We hope the following will answer some of the frequently asked questions about our website. If you do have other questions, please forward them to us at safesingapore[at]

Please understand that we handle lots of emails everyday. Because SAFE is run entirely by volunteers who are also committed to other work, we may not be able to respond immediately. We do, however, read every mail and will consider all requests and comments.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

1. Press and Contact

a. When was the website launched?

Our website was officially launched and made publicly accessible on 9 December 2006 at Pelangi Pride Centre.

b. Who hosts and maintains the website?

The website is hosted on and maintained by SAFE. The domain name comes from our free account from Blogger. No money goes into maintaining a web space or domain name.

c. I would like to recommend/list your site. What is the website's web address? - We would appreciate it if you could also let us know when and where our website is listed.

d. I am a journalist writing a story about SAFE. Who should I contact with regards to an interview?

Please write to us at safesingapore[at] with details or an outline of the article you have in mind.

e. I represent a business/group that would like to advertise on your site. Who should I contact about ad or banner space?

SAFE is currently not handling any banner advertising or endorsements. If you would like to sponsor or volunteer your services to help our users, please write in with details.

2. Technical

a. I can't view the site.

The website has been tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. You should be able to view the site using any of these web browsers. Please ensure you have the latest versions of the web browsers.

b. The text is too small/large.

You are able to adjust the size of the text using your web browser. For example, in Internet Explorer, go to 'Text Zoom', then 'Larger or Smaller'.

If you are still experiencing trouble viewing or printing the pages, or would like PDFs for someone who does not have access to the Internet, please email us. We can send you some PDF material by email that you can print and pass on to them.

3. Content and Copyright

a. Who designed the website and logo?

The website and the logo was designed by Regina De Rozario. The website was based on a free template designed by Isnainidotcom, and the logo was based on initial designs provided by SAFE.

Regina also contributed in organizing, editing and gathering articles for the website's launch.

b. What's the focus of the website?

The website aims to provide information and resources that can help friends, parents, and family members of LGBTQ persons understand their loved ones better. We also want it to be a channel for sharing personal experiences on working or living with LGBTQ persons.

c. Where are your articles from?

Currently there are resources and articles that we found on the Internet which we find very helpful and inspiring. These are written by groups that may be similar to us. We have reproduced them here as a form of sharing, as some of these articles and resources may not be known to our readers.

We are currently working on several articles of our own.

d. Are your articles only in English?

We do have a small section on Resources in Chinese. We will be adding more articles there, and hopefully over time, we will be able to add some resources in Malay and Tamil too. Volunteers who are able to translate our English articles accurately into our other local languages are welcome to write in to us.

e. I would like to contribute an article. What kind of features are you looking for?

All contributions are on a volunteer basis. We are looking for articles that meet our focus (see 3b above). We are especially on the lookout for personal stories from parents, family members, friends, or acquaintances of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons.

All contributions will be read and considered. However, they may be edited and will be published on our site at our discretion.

f. May I reproduce your articles, or logo on my own website, or blog, or publication?

Please write in to us with a link to your website, or details about your publication. Some of our articles are from third-party sources who own the copyright to their articles. Please do not reproduce those without their permission.

No part of the SAFE website, including its logo, is to be reproduced for commercial purposes without our written permission.

FAQ last updated by SAFE Admin on 7 Dec 2006