Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Dear Parents

If your child has recently disclosed his/her sexual orientation to you, try to understand the motivation. More often than not, your child wants to include you in his or her life more fully than before. Your child has acted courageously in telling you what has been secret and very difficult to reveal. That act alone is worthy of your respect.

Though you may have the wisdom of years of many life experiences, understand that your child knows more than you do about what it means to be lesbian, gay or transgendered. Your child is a crucial resource to you now as you figure out the reality from all the myths about the gay community. In addition to talking with your child to better understand the issues, use our website -- it contains many resources of useful information. Talking with other parents of gay chldren is also invaluable. Drop us an email and we can connect you with other parents, gay-friendly family counsellors and religious leaders. Remember, you are not alone.

Stay close to your child. He or she is too precious to lose.