Saturday, January 26, 2013
Let's Stand United

SAFE Singapore is a community group formed to affirm, support and empower the families and friends of LGBT persons. We are saddened to see the continued rejection and marginalization of LGBT people and in turn, their families too, and not least by faith communities that preach love and acceptance of all creation.

We at SAFE have seen firsthand how family rejection adversely affect the health, self-esteem and well being of LGBT youth whereas acceptance leads to strengthening of family ties and support for this vulnerable population.

Being loved and valued by parents and family help children learn to value and care for themselves. But hearing that they are bad or sinful for having feelings that they are born with sends a message that inflicts pain and damage to their selfhood.  Very sadly, in many cases, such messages threaten their very survival.  Hearing this negative message affects their ability to love themselves and care for themselves.  It increases risky behaviors and affects their ability to plan for their future with confidence.

We, as parents, love our children. We stand up for our children when they are mistreated, maligned or harassed by others. And we should do no less for our LGBT children, siblings, parents, relatives, friends and colleagues.  These are true family values – acceptance, unconditional love, care of and support for each other.

To this end, we should work to make our religious institutions more accepting and supportive of LGBT people. Together, we should stand united by our collective belief in a better tomorrow for all Singaporeans!