Tuesday, March 13, 2007
We're in the middle of updating some of our links and articles. We hope to have some new resources and articles for you soon. Thank you for your patience.

- The SAFE team


Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Reaching out to the ones we love
This February brings us two special occasions to be with the people we love the most - the Lunar New Year holidays and Valentine's Day.

For Chinese families, Lunar New Year is a time to reunite and strengthen ties through festive food and home visits. For couples and friends, Valentine's Day is a day where gifts of love and appreciation are exchanged.

While not all of us may be observing the festivities, and some may argue that an occasion like Valentine's has been overly commercialised, these moments still provide us with a good opportunity to gather with family and friends, and to show them how much they mean to us.

This February, we've included several personal stories about family:

- In 'A Family Outing', Alphonsus Lee shares his experience about attending, with his father, a reunion dinner organised for gays and their family members.

- In 'Coming Home', Clarence Singam talks about coming out and coming home to his family. We publish an extract of his story.

- SAFE founding member Khoo Hoon Eng speaks about her relationship with her two gay sons - a sharing which first appeared in the book, SQ21.

Alphonsus Lee, in his sharing, talks about the importance of reaching out:

"...in our lifetime, we will only have one father and one mother, and that term of endearment "kor" (elder brother in Chinese) or "zheh" (elder sister) will only sound genuine for our blood brothers and sisters. If we do not make an effort to reach out to them, then we have only ourselves to blame."

We feel this applies to every one of us, straight or gay.

As brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, as extended family, as friends, as a community, we can all do our part to reach out, and speak up, to show love, support, and true acceptance. Of course February isn't the only month when we can do so, but it can definitely be a good start.

With best wishes,

The SAFE team


Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Happy New Year!
Hello, and a Happy New Year to all our visitors, readers, and supporters. We hope that the days ahead be good ones, filled with peace and health for you and your family.

Our first article for the new year comes from Father Albert Renckens, who alerted us to a piece he wrote for the Catholic News. Entitled 'Are homosexuals welcome in the Catholic Church?', it is the first of a two-part reflection which addresses the nature of gays and lesbians, and some of the issues they face.

While SAFE is a non-religious effort that welcomes and supports members of all faiths, we feel we can provide an opportunity for dialogue between gays and their straight families and friends, by highlighting such an article, and bringing these issues to a wider audience. The article is also a significant reminder to our LGBTQ friends and families that amidst a world filled with homophobia, they do have people who seek to understand them. We thank Father Renckens for his permission to reproduce the article on our website.

We are currently planning our activities for the year. In the meantime, do keep your emails and comments coming. We would especially like to hear from volunteers who can accurately translate our website into Malay, Tamil, or Chinese, and supporters who can contribute original articles. Contact us at safesingapore[at]gmail.com.